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TEI currently supports:




Research and Development (R&D)

If you would like an electronic copy of our parts list, including application,
description, and TEI, OEM, NSN, and NIIN part number cross references, please contact us by clicking here.

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AS9100 Revision D Certified

NHB 5300.4(3G), Requirements for Interconnecting Cables, Harness, and Wiring (NASA)

NHB 5300.4(3H), Requirements for Crimping and Wire Wrap (NASA)

NHB 5300.4(3A-1), Requirements for Soldered Electrical Connections (NASA)

Our personnel are qualified to the latest requirements of customer specifications.  Our manufacturing team is trained and tested periodically to ensure the reliability of the work performed.

TEI Manufacturing utilizes the latest in proven business processes to guarantee our customers the flexibility and value that they deserve.

TEI has the ability to develop assemblies to meet specific customer needs. Customers requiring unique solutions to fit, performance, or environmental conditions which are beyond their engineering area of expertise, often find that TEI’s engineering experience is invaluable.

In such cases, the customer need only define the interconnect devices, wiring schematic basic requirements, and the parameters of use.  With this information, TEI will propose a possible configuration solution for the customer’s review.

From support to project completion, TEI’s engineering services are available to assist in the design and manufacturing solutions for even the most complex, flight critical life support applications.

Using Computer Aid Drafting (CAD) techniques and technology resources, our engineering team can aid in the unique requirements to function in a variety of operating environments.

As a partner with our customers, we work closely on new programs and strive for continuous improvements to existing designs.

TEI is your one-stop solution for all of your electronic engineering and manufacturing needs.

“TEI Engineering provides the capability of Manufacturing Technology components of the past, along with today’s Technological hardware, while optimizing the manufacturing process to insure customer satisfaction.”

John McClain
Engineering Manager

Our goal is Customer satisfaction, which is achieved with on time delivery and a defect free product.

The Board of Directors and Officers of the Corporation are dedicated and committed to building a quality product and meeting our goals.

In the endeavor to meet our goal, we are committed to a Quality Management System that complies with AS9100 Rev D, NADCAP and all customer and regulatory imposed quality requirements.

It is our policy that each employee be aware of our quality goal and our commitment to continual quality improvements.  This policy has been established and in existence since 1981.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified

AS9100 Rev. D Certified

NADCAP Certified

NHB 5300.4(3G), Requirements for Interconnecting
Cables, Harness, and Wiring (NASA)

NHB 5300.4(3H), Requirements for Crimping
and Wire Wrap (NASA)

NHB 5300.4(3A-1), Requirements for Soldered
Electrical Connections (NASA)


Special Process Control (SPC)
In-House Testing
Automated Temperature Cycling
Environmental Testing
Pull Testing
HiPot Testing
Insulation Resistance Testing
Continuity Testing

“Our quality team sets in motion procedures and policies which are incorporated and monitored in a continual effort of improvement to prevent and eliminate quality issues and promote customer satisfaction.”

Butch Noll

Institute for Supply Management

Companies strive to increase customer value by improving performance while simultaneously reducing cost.  As a result, TEI is turning our attention to purchasing and sourcing management strategies. Since raw material spend is the largest single cost factor in a manufacturing environment, our benchmark approach to Supply Chain Management and Sourcing strategies are realizing the following benefits:


Ultimately, TEI customers can count on our Supply Chain Management Professionals to purchase raw materials using the latest proven ISM recommended philosophies.
“By developing successful relationships with the supply base, TEI Supply Chain Management operates as a profit center, ensuring significant raw material cost reductions, delivery performance and quality assurances.”


to Thermal Electronics, Incorporated

For over 43 years, Thermal Electronics, Inc (TEI) has supported aerospacemilitarycommercial, as well as industrial customers with our no nonsense approach to achieving our customer’s best value scenarios.

TEI stands apart from our competition based on our high quality products, competitive pricing, extremely flexible customer service, accurate commitment dates and shortened lead-times.  TEI is committed to all aspects of our customer’s best value scenario, and we will always share their sense of urgency.

Our most recent accomplishment was receiving the following certifications:
ISO9001:2015, AS9100 Rev. D, NADCAP Certification

The TEI team has worked very hard to provide all of our customers, as well as our supply chain partners with an efficient and certified system of support.

TEI is classified as a small business.

    Our Office

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