TEI has the ability to develop assemblies to meet specific customer needs. Customers requiring unique solutions to fit, performance, or environmental conditions which are beyond their engineering area of expertise, often find that TEI’s engineering experience is invaluable.

In such cases, the customer need only define the interconnect devices, wiring schematic basic requirements, and the parameters of use.  With this information, TEI will propose a possible configuration solution for the customer’s review.

From support to project completion, TEI’s engineering services are available to assist in the design and manufacturing solutions for even the most complex, flight critical life support applications.

Using Computer Aid Drafting (CAD) techniques and technology resources, our engineering team can aid in the unique requirements to function in a variety of operating environments.

As a partner with our customers, we work closely on new programs and strive for continuous improvements to existing designs.

TEI is your one-stop solution for all of your electronic engineering and manufacturing needs.

“TEI Engineering provides the capability of Manufacturing Technology components of the past, along with today’s Technological hardware, while optimizing the manufacturing process to insure customer satisfaction.”

John McClain
Engineering Manager